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I just wanted to drop a quick note – we put in a request for paper this morning around 9am, you had replied around 10am and we had the check-stock in our possession by 2pm!! I’m blown away with that turnaround! And this is exactly why we prefer a local vendor. Intaglio Plus has been awesome and I really do appreciate the fact that I can count on you guys to deliver – literally. ;) Let me know if you ever need a recommendation…I’d be happy to promote the relationship. --Michael M.

“My experience with Intaglio Plus has been impressive. As a purchasing agent I enjoy working with vendors that follow through until your product is delivered. Every time I received my product, I received a call from Intaglio Plus asking if I am happy with the end results, and I must say that I am. They are phenomenal in meeting those urgent due dates and also in suggesting on how we could improve our work-order. I have had good experience with Intaglio Plus and I trust that I am getting the best quality and price.” — Maria D.