Our History & Who We Serve

In the art world, intaglio represents a family of printing and printmaking techniques, such as engraving or etching, that make an impression. In the business world, Intaglio is a full-service, integrated marketing communications firm that creates lasting impressions to drive positive results.

Intaglio has been serving clients throughout the St. Louis area for nearly 30 years. As founder of Intaglio, John Intagliata blends his experience and expertise in marketing and print to lead a team that consistently creates strong client partnerships and results. We continue to evolve so you continue to evolve.



Who We Serve

We partner with clients in a variety of industries, who rely on us to develop on-target strategies and create distinctive projects that further their goals.


We know nonprofits

With more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofits of every size, we understand the nonprofit world. We have the knowledge and resources to partner with you on your planned giving programs, donor updates, direct mail programs, print and email appeals, annual reports, fundraising events, and more. We’ll maximize your marketing dollars and position you to succeed.


We mean business

We also collaborate with business clients to amplify their marketing efforts, including developing or repairing websites, as well as creating and directing direct mail, digital marketing, social media, videos and branding.

  • Italian Open
  • BNI Member
  • Arnold Chamber of Commerce Member